Boost your bedroom

Stream music, Stop Snoring, Sleep Analysis

Getting enough GOOD SLEEP is always a concern, meaning your body stays fatigued.  That should not be the case assuming we spend 1/3rd of our lives sleeping.

The key ingredients to a good nights sleep

The Resting Bed:  Provides a unique customizable bed experience by utilizing the focus on key elements of the human body.

Pillow: Sleep isnt quite complete without the use of this great ZEEQ smart pillow available through Global Security (918-877-0036).  This smart pillow plays music, monitors your snoring and sleep paterns with the help of advance smart techs.

Tulsa Home Theater Design and Installation

As one of America's most honored Home Theater companies we bring both passion & technical expertise to delivery this goal to your dream private theater. From installing America's first Home THX system to today's state of the art movie palaces, our 25 year history...

Lighting Design is a Art

Lighting Design is a Art

From OLED to LED Technology, We work with a wide variety of people from lighting design engineers (LDE) , lighting manufacturers, commercial/residential architects and lighting specifiers to bring the concepts into reality.  Every project is a innovation for...

Apple, Amazon & Google

Apple, Amazon & Google

An Article from Chelsea Cafiero · June 9, 2017 at When Apple executive Phil Schiller first announced the HomePod on stage at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), he stood in front of images of Amazon Echo and Sonos and said, "None of the other...